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The first thing I usually look for when I'm interested in a blog I've never read is either look for an "about me"
page or I go to the beginning of the posts to see if that person introduced themself. With that in mind, it makes sense to me to start with a "100 Things" list.
1. My name is Sarah
2. I started this blog because I'm a blog reading addict and figured if I'm going to comment on everyone else's blog, I might as well get my own
3. I live near Pittsburgh, PA
4. I married a unique man in 1999
5. In 2000, we bought a unique house
6. In 2004, we had a unique baby girl
7. At the end of 2005, we will likely have another unique baby, gender TBD
8. I work outside the home
9. My husband is a stay-at-home Dad
10. I like knitting blogs, because I knit
11. I like "mommy blogs", because I can relate
12. I like local blogs, because I will most likely never escape the confines of western PA
13. I'm okay with that
14. Except in February
15. I prefer warm weather to cold
16. I drink more iced tea than is probably healthy
17. I like to cook
18. I sew
19. I can crochet
20. I've dabbled in various forms of needlework
21. I like what's considered "domestic arts" more than most people my age
22. Which at the moment is 28yrs
23. I am nearsighted
24. When I was 10, I wanted to be a commercial airline pilot
25. When I was 14, I wanted to be a concert pianist
26. I ended up a scientist
27. I still play piano and flute when I can
28. But I can count on one hand the number of times I've flown in an airplane
30. We don't travel much, but I'd like to
31. I love the beach
32. I am not a morning person
33. Which reminds me, I should have gone to bed half an hour ago
34. I can honestly say I like Mondays
35. I type about 80wpm
36. I can't stand it when my fingernails are much past my fingertips
37. I don't wear nailpolish
38. However my toenails are always polished
39. I am ticklish on the left side of my stomach
40. It will probably become self evident that I am not the world's best speller
41. I have a dog named Zoe
42. My husband thinks it should be spelled Zoey
43. The dog has no opinion
44. We have a cat named Oliver, but he thinks his name is Kitty
45. He likes my husband best
46. I had a pygmy hedgehog for 6yrs
47. We also have a 20gal fish tank
48. I am not scared of spiders, snakes, or most crawly things
49. I am scared of centipedes
50. They move too quickly, I'm convinced they're going to run straight at me
51. I am also scared of mold
52. I don't think it's going to run at me - I'm afraid I'll inadvertently touch or ingest it
53. My strangest hangup is my need to be on the right side of anyone/anything
54. I can't walk on the left of people, unless there's someone on my left
55. I never sit on the left of people if I can help it
56. I don't know why and can't explain it
57. I developed the quirk in my mid teens and it hasn't gone away
58. I've never broken a bone other than my left small toe
59. I believe I broke that toe twice
60. I've never been hospitalized for anything
61. Including the birth of my daughter
62. She was born in a free-standing birth center
63. It was a drug-free birth
64. It was a great experience
65. Made possible by great midwives
66. We were home nestled in as a new family the same day
67. I'm looking forward to doing it again if at all possible
68. But this time I'd like to skip the first two days of early labor
69. I have one sibling, a brother
70. He is a computer junkie
71. Chances are good that if/when he finds this blog, he will look down on me for my choice
of Blogger
72. I am not a computer junkie
73. My whole family is pretty much technically inclined in one way or the other
74. We're also musically inclined
75. If we were any more inclined, we'd be acute
76. I recognize that #75 was really awful
77. I'm starting to run out of things to say
78. Part of that is because I still haven't decided how "public" I want to be on this blog yet
79. I don't go out much
80. My husband and I could be described as homebodies
81. We use the fact that we have a small child as an excuse not to go places sometimes
82. It's not that we don't like to be social
83. I just find it exhausting to try to hard to act normal around others
84. Others find me very normal, I am assured
85. I am a part time graduate student
86. I have been so for a long time
87. So long that my statute of limitations has run out and I need to file for an extension
88. The whole situation is a huge source of stress for me at the moment
89. I am very close to being finished
90. I inherited my mother's skill at procrastination
91. We both simply work well under pressure
92. You could say that I tend not to work at all without pressure
93. I find knitting to be a great means of procrastination, as it enables one to feel productive while "wasting" inordinate amounts of time
94. I love cables, lace, and would like to dabble more in fair isle
95. The more complicated, the better
96. I hate to garden
97. I think gardening is a nice way of saying yardwork, which is just another form of work
98. Our yard is a jungle, but it's getting better
99. We constantly have some sort of home improvement in the works
100. I hope I manage to update this blog on a regular enough basis without allowing the computer to eat my life.

You had me until number 96.

By the way, blogging is another great form of procrastination.

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