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Busy week, sort of. Full of random things. Therefore, this will be a somewhat random blog entry.
- We have a porch of sorts. Steps are put together, all but one piece of decking is on the porch. Yet to do - install railings. I would have spent the weekend building railings had the newel posts been installed (so that I could obtain the proper and necessary measurements). They are not installed. Also to do: Paint. I am assured by our friendly weatherman that this rain will stop and this will someday become possible.

- Knitting: Have revised the stripes for Baby2's outfit three times now. Am finally making forward progress. Picked up size 3 double points today for the hat on the offchance that I get that far over the long weekend. Am going camping over the long weekend, porch be damned. Also picked up size 0 double points for a future sock project just in case. Can't work on big secret Christmas project up at camp as recipient will be there.

- Picked up Peanut's "18 month" portraits yesterday. Much cuteness! Looking back over the previous portraits in my desk frame made me nostalgic. She's starting to look less like a pudgy baby and more like a little girl. Which is good as it's what normal children are supposed to do. It's just that I love the "baby" stage soooooo much. I think that's what has me slightly blue about the close spacing between Peanut and Baby2 - I don't want to have all my baby time rushed too close together. Does that sound silly? I'd like to spread it out so that I have maximum time in my life with a baby in the house. I figured that a three-year gap would make me more wistful for a baby, since Peanut would have been a toddler for longer. My first thought on finding out I was pregnant with #2 was, "A baby? But I already have a baby!"

And my baby (who is really a toddler) and I are going to the family's camp up north this weekend. It occured to us that she will need shoes to camp this weekend, as the weather is starting to turn more fall-like, and she has outgrown all her non-sandal footwear. Off to the mall, where we paid ridiculous amounts of money for tiny shoes that will likely not fit in four months. On being liberated from her stroller while trying on said shoes, Peanut decided to see how she could jump in them. She stood in the middle of the store "jumping" (her feet never really get off the ground, but she tries) yelling, "Jump! Jump!" (just in case you couldn't tell that's what she was attempting.) We took that as a sign of approval.

Tonight: Off to the library to swap books, then home to assess the state of Peanut's wardrobe. In addition to outgrowing her shoes over the summer, she's also outgrown the majority of her clothes that are not shorts/short sleeved. I predict a trip to Target in the near future.

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