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School's out!

I managed to complete my final exam today without doing anything silly like going into labor. The bad news is, if I had to guess, I'd say I'll need to be taking another class next fall. The good news is that is a possibility. A month ago I thought my chances of ever completing this degree were sunk. Either way, I'm putting that aspect of life on a high shelf in the back of my head until February at the very earliest.

Over the weekend, Peanut got to have an overnight visit with Grammy and Papap. This enabled us to go furniture shopping, eat dinner out, get a full night's sleep, study, and deep clean the carpeting. Thank you, grandparents! It was much needed toddler-free time. I've got to wonder what they were teaching her, though. As we got in the car to leave, out of the blue, Anna exclaimed, "Nakey butt!"
I did a double take. "What did you say?"
"Nakey butt!"
I made the mistake of laughing. Anna and I spent the next 15 minutes alternately yelling, "Nakey butt!" and laughing until my face hurt.

As of tomorrow, I am officially39 weeks pregnant. I have a strong suspicion that this baby will not be overdue, but nothing concrete on which to base that other than a general crampy feeling. The house is mostly clean. The baby's "coming home" outfit is mosty finished. The newborn clothes are washed, the infant carseat is ready to go. I've mostly completed my holiday shopping. I suppose I'm mostly ready to have this kid.

And now, a picture for your holiday enjoyment:

Toddler and baby-free nights are the best, we have one coming up this Friday. Yeah Nana and Papa.

Anna is a cutie pie!!
Good luck and best wishes with peanut #2.


Peanut also began saying "Please" while at Grammy and PapPap's house :)

She also started saying "please" while at Grammy and PapPap's house :)

I came home and Mom said "Yeah, your bed was slept in. We made the mistake of waking Anna up when we were going to bed, which was a bad thing. At 3 in the morning she learned that she could make the entire bed jiggle!"

These stupid word verifications are more illegible than my handwriting. Can't they print them in something that isn't all curly and scrunchy?

Nakey BUTT! Is much more fun to say than "please".

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