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Oh, the irony of the comment on my last post

Last Friday (Or was it Saturday? The days all blur together right now.) I had managed the feat of showering before 4:00 in the afternoon (go me!) and was drying my hair.
Peanut was napping, as was DH (he works nights at the moment). All was peaceful in my house, until the dog started going nuts. I never heard the doorbell ring, but the dog's bark was enough to tell me that someone (perhaps those evil girlscouts she tried to chase off a few days prior) was on the porch.

You guessed it. Verizon FIOS sales pitch. (only it was a female salesperson)
I informed her that I had just signed up for another year of DSL and was very happy with it.
She countered with, "Were you aware that we're going to be offering cable acess in the next year?"
So the baldface lie of "Yes" that popped out of my mouth was entirely her fault. Darned salespeople, making me lie.
Time to start work on that trap door in the porch. I've got a doormat that will cover the hinges nicely.

The problem with a "no knocking/ringing" sign is that we have the dog, who believes it is her sacred duty to save us from people that have the nerve to step foot on our porch. Or the neighbor's porch. Or the street in front of the house. Or anywhere within a mile radius of our house. Normally she's not so much of a barker, but she's got cabin fever and it manifests as hyper-vigillance. Hype-vigillance that fortunately in this case only woke the sleeping husband. Now that we've been visited by the FIOS fairy (and the aforementioned girlscouts), and it seems that the majority of the neighborhood school fundraisers have run their course, we might be safe for a few weeks, or at least until the dog can be walked more regularly. (crossing fingers)

Oh yes, the dog issue. We have one that will bark if anyone comes near our property, and another one that howls if he thinks someone new is here to see him. After all, doesn't everyone come to see him first and foremost?
We took care of that by cutting a large piece of cardboard to fit the only window the dogs can see out of in order to block their view while the wee ones are sleeping. Luckily there is a new fence that allows the dogs to avoid some of the cabin fever.

The Mrs. said just about everything in that first comment that I was going to say -- except for this: Verizon FIOS rocks!

I know, I know, they're a monstrous pain in the arse with their pestering, but we've never had an internet connection like this before, and that includes dial-up, cable, and DSL.

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