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I'm blogging, nursing the baby, and drinking rum and Pepsi. I'm multitasking.
Before you damn me to hell for ingesting ethanol while nursing, let me first inform you that it's acceptable (according to the medical establishment) to drink in moderation while nursing. There, now go ahead, damn me. Keep in mind that the baby in question was in a bar at a month old, also. (Burgh blogger meet-up)

Just got back from a marathon shopping trip to JoAnn Fabrics (if that's what it's still called - the "fabrics" portion of the name is debatable) to get supplies for the girls' Easter dresses. Which would have been fine if I wanted to make the dresses out of polar fleece. *rolls eyes* I needed plain, white, 60" fabric for Peanut's pinafore. Unless I wanted 90" muslin (for quilting), I was out of luck. Ended up getting two extra yards of 45" fabric. Smocking to commence when I get a chance to cut out the pieces. I can start working on dresses now because I finished a (knitting) project last night! Pictures of the raglan baby cardigan I made for a co-worker's upcoming bundle of joy are to be taken after blocking. It really needs blocking.

I love that I have girls because they are so much fun to dress. No offence to the opposite sex, but you can only make boys "cute" until they're about 2yrs old, after which they just look like mincing pansies. (no offence meant to mincing pansies)

I really love weekends.

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