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Whoof. (random entry)

Said DH yesterday at dinner while wearing a burgundy sweatshirt splotched randomly with many small patches of baby spit-up, "I look like I've been standing under a nest of condors."

Things I have cleaned out of our carpeting in the 5 yrs we have lived here:
dog poop
dog pee
dog vomit
cat vomit
red wine
fruit juice
And the latest addition to the list - blue crayon.
Washable crayons are a blessing and a curse (are you listening, Crayola?). It's great that they can be washed away (out of carpeting, clothing, furniture, walls, doors. . .) but they are softer than standard crayons, which I suspect is why I found myself scrubbing them out of the carpet last night.

After scrubbing the carpet, Claire kindly allowed me to finished knitting my to-be-felted bag. I'm eager to see how it felts, but not so eager that I'm felting it tonight.

mud blood?

Yes, Steve, Hermione was in my carpet.
If you must know, mud tracked in on shoes, and blood from the time I nipped Zoe's nail too short.

Darn. I hate when fictional characters get stuck in my carpet. It's so embarassing when company's over!

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