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Kntting photos

In keeping with this blog's focus, which is defined as "fuzzy, but including knitting," I present to you, the internets, a finished object:

And here's a picture of it on a model, for scale of course:

Details: Baby boy raglan cardigan
Yarn: Bernat's Cotton Tots
Pattern: Mine! All mine!

This one was a gift for a coworker, who recently became a parent. We've been having a veritable baby boom at work. I'm not quite satisfied with the spacing of the button holes, but they'll do.
I'm itching to get to work on the next baby gift, but I've got Easter projects on the top of the list. I put Claire's dress together last night, it's all done but the hemming (And I've got to take the zipper out and put it back in to my satisfaction. I hate zippers) and I'm nearing completion on the sweater she will (hopefully) wear over it. Peanut's dress is smocked, cut, and ready for assembly.
I will freely admit that sometimes, to me, the girls are not just children - they are squirmy little manequins that I delight in dressing in impractial clothing. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts, because too soon they will be fighting to wear whatever inapropriate clothing the teeny-bopper du jour has made popular.

I'd agree about the inappropriate clothing for kids. Have you seen some of the stuff they have for little girls in Gymboree and Children's Place?? I like a good bargain, which is why I like their sale racks, but OMG do our 1 and 2 year old girls really need to be dressed up like Jessica Simpson? And for boys, try finding a plain shirt without moster trucks or some sort of sports theme. Almost impossible.

The little sweetie's hair looks red in the picture :)

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