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Yesterday the girls went to their first movie in a movie theater. We went to see "Wall-E." Anna and I enjoyed it, I believe Claire did, too, but she fell asleep. The siren song of a darkened theater coupled with a tummy full of popcorn and the comfort of Mama's lap did her in. (she's too light to keep the seat open) The movie was cute, but I think much of the plot was over Anna's head. I wasn't sure how much of it she absorbed, but she did mention later, out of the blue, that pizzas don't grow from seeds.

I'd like to take them to a drive-in, but that will have to wait until they can stay awake long enough to see at least the first feature.

I'm still plugging away at the girls' room. I attempted to sweep out the inside of their fireplace with a (new) shop vac. Two shop vacs full later I gave up, wondering what made me feel it was necessary to sweep the dust and rocks out of there in the first place. The inside of their (closed off and totally decorative owing to the state of the chimney) fireplace is full of rocks, bricks, dust (appears to be a combo of ashes and old mortar), and chunks of wood. The loose material turned out to be about 8" deep, and extends under the floor into where the hearth would have been. I also found a top of a model ship, paper from a pack of drapery weights ($0.19), a guest tag from 1964's Rolling Rock Hunt Racing Association, and a 1960 Mickey Mantle and Ken Boyer baseball card. Mr. Unreserved looked up the card. In mint condition it's worth ~$150. Ours is not mint.

I sealed up the opening with a new piece of drywall and patched the indentations in the painted metal surround where Claire decided to have fun with a hammer.
I realize all of these home improvement projects would be more interesting with pictures but I'm waiting for the big before/after reveal when the room is complete. Okay, actually I'm too lazy to grab the camera and take pictures and upload them.

Just now:
Claire: Mama, what's wrong with the tv?
Me: Nothing. I turned it off.
Claire: Woah. . . Why?!

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