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Crickets chirping

It's always quiet when I get up on the soap box (not that I have many commenters in the first place). This is a marked improvement over what happens when I bust out the soap box in "real" life (people begging me to just stop already). That's why I have this blog. On the internet, no one can make you be quiet. Many people have pointed out to me that I talk very fast. It's a defense mechanism. I knew I'd only have so long to ramble on before my family would beg me to stop, so I had to get everything I wanted to say in quickly. I mused while doing dishes in my lab that maybe there's something wrong with a career that you have to convince people isn't awful. But then I'm having a bad week at work. Yes, it's only Monday.

My only brother is nine years my junior. When I found out that my children would be 2yrs apart, I was curious to see what their relationship would be like. I polled people, and it seemed to be a 50/50 split between "they'll be best of friends" and "they'll want to claw each other's eyes out." I assumed the reality would waver between the two.
Anna and Claire are nearly inseparable. They wake up together, go to bed together, and spend most of the day playing together. For the past hour they have been upstairs wrestling like overgrown puppies, complete with shrieks, giggles, and not very muffled thuds. Typically one of the thuds will lead to tears, then an adult will have to go and referee and redirect. I like watching how they interact together. Neither can stand to see her sister in distress, but they each know how to really torment the other when necessary.

I would like to post something about knitting, since I haven't mentioned that much lately, but instead I've been sticking adhesive tiles to the nasty kitchen floor. They're not our first choice in flooring, but they'll stop us from getting splinters until we can really redo the kitchen. So if you'll excuse me, I've got a date with a carpenter's square.

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