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Urgh. Sparse posting because it's all I can do to get the stuff that needs to be done in a day complete before I pass out on the couch, let alone find some computer time to boot. Am writing this post with a somewhat crabby toddler on my lap. (It's very close to bedtime.) She is upset because the stuffed bunny she was playing with has a "boo-boo." (Said bunny's ear is coming loose.) Peanut does not like anyone, including inanimate objects of any sort, to have boo-boos.

Baby 2's first outfit is finished blocking and awaits seaming and finishing (snap bands around the crotch, edging around the neck). Seaming does not appeal to me at the moment, so I've gone back to the mystery Christmas project which shall remain nameless. I find I must be in the mood to seam. When such a mood hits, I will tear up the place, seaming everything that isn't nailed down. (Guess I ought to add the bunny to that list this time.)
Until then, may it rest in pieces.

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