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Look! Knitting content!
Having read a top 10 list of shoulds and should-nots for having a blog, I keenly realize that I am violating the unwritten rule of jumping topics and not being topical enough to attract a regular and devoted readership. To that, I say, "Meh." I blog here because I feel like it. I write what interests me at the given moment, and if I never write a post that garners 200 comments, so be it.

I've been making knitting progress! I probably shouldn't be! I should be studying!
I am studying (just not right now). I reward myself for studying with knitting time. The knitting keeps me from nibbling my cuticles until my fingers bleed. The nibbling would be caused by stress.
The single lowest blood pressure reading I've ever had was last month. I was knitting in the waiting room prior to the prenatal appointment. Coincidence? I think not.

Fresh off the blocking towels are the final three major pieces of the mystery Christmas project. If I was really good with the whole coding thing, I'd put the picture up behind a "Hey Mom, don't look here" link. But that would take time. Time I don't have. I only have this time as it is because the Mr. is giving Peanut a bath. (the girl does like her baths)

Instead, I took a picture of my sock in progress. The socks are destined to be a gift, but I can post them here because the recipient will never see them. Of this I am sure.
They are cabled clog socks from the winter 2004 issue of "Cast On." I bought the magazine for the men's cabled sweater pattern in it. All other patterns in this issue are hideous and deserve much ridicule. The socks are "clog" socks because the cabling goes all the way down the back of the ankle to the base of the heel, which is where I've knit up to so far (they're toe-ups).
Should you get it into your head that you would like to find this pattern and make these socks, I would say beware the errata! So far I've found no less than four glaring errors, including how many stitches to cast on, two mistakes in the center cable pattern, and a mistake in the instructions of where in the center cable pattern to start the back cabling. I'm almost afraid to try the men's pullover in the same issue for fear the mistakes will be just as numerous but not as obvious.
In the background is a scratch page of figuring for a quilt I'm making for Peanut. For some reason I got it into my head that she needs a hand-made quilt for her transition to a big girl bed. This transition will start as soon as I get the quilt together (hopefully within a month) as the crib will eventually have a new occupant. Had I not been a dunce and done the figuring before I purchased the fabric, I would have realized that I need 1.5yds of two of the fabrics, and would have saved myself a trip to the fabric store. Oh well. If I really stopped to analyze my need to make Peanut a quilt I'd realize it has to do with some deep down guilt on my part that she's getting a sibling so soon. Good thing I'm not stopping to think too hard about that one.

Oh jeez -- if "no jumping topics" is an unwritten blog rule, then I break that rule on a daily basis.

Heck, sometimes I break it several times within one entry. Or within one paragraph, for that matter. I like to think that I have strong appeal to the ADD-afflicted.

Anyhoo, here's one vote for blogs that talk about whatever is of interest to the author on that particular day. Keep up the good work.
- Bob

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