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Still here, still no baby.

I hope all (both) my loyal readers had the merriest of Christmases. I know we did! Looking on the bright side, the absence of a newborn enabled us to have a "normal" holiday, complete with marathon visiting, marathon eating, and marathon merry making. It was terrific, and I'm SO glad it's over. Christmas is a happiness gauntlet! How much happy can you stand before you pass out in a pile of cookie crumbs with egg nog dribbling down your chin?

Anna enjoyed her holiday. She's starting to get the concept this year, at least the concept of presents and partys. The girl is a party animal - she can go over 4 hrs past her bed time as long as there's an audience willing to laugh at/with her. In church, we learned that donkeys are stinky. Today, we have been told approximately 576 times that, "I don't like spin!" (the sit and spin she got is too noisy - Peanut is not a fan of noisy)

Tomorrow, Baby 2 and I are scheduled for a non-stress test. This is novel to me, as I went into labor the day after Anna's due date. Am anxious, but glad the holidays are out of the way. DH says to go into labor before 9:30 tonight so he can call off work. I don't blame him.
Since I finished the Kiri shawl, I've got a Ribby Cardi pattern fresh off the printer and 15 skeins of "wool-ease" picked up at the dollar store calling my name. I'll keep you posted, internets!

i'm on pins and needles!

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