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What I'm tempted to change our answering machine's outgoing message to:

Hello. You've reached the T______ residence. The baby has not been born yet. I am not in labor. If you are Mr. Unreserved's friend, we are eating dinner. Call back some time other than between 5:30 and 6:00. We are not interested in taking any surveys at this time. Please leave a message. Or piss off.

So I'm a little touchy this week. Go figure.
I've gotten SO much accompished this month. At the start of the month, I was studying furiously. The good news is that I got a decent grade on my final. The bad news is that it wasn't enough to offset the other grades I got in the class, so I've earned a B in the class. Normally, this would be fine with me. Unfortunately, I needed at least an A- to be done taking classes. The good news is that I can get up to two extensions of my extension, meaning I can take another class next fall (oh joy).

I finished Baby#2's outfit, knit Peanut a hat/mitten set (okay, technically that was in November), finished the beautiful/horrible clog socks, and am making great progress on a Kiri shawl. Pictures forthcoming. I made Peanut a quilt, just need to hand-sew the back of the binding and it's done. I sewed a duvet cover, pillow shams, and new window treatments for our room. I finally got around to hanging the full length mirror I bought two years ago.
We got the house clean, arranged the kids' room, decorated for Christmas, completed the gift shopping. I've made 2 kinds of cookies, and the dough for the gingerbread men is waiting for me to get over my aversion to cookies that involve rolling and cutting dough. I'm toying with making buckeyes, too. Christmas cards have been sent. Traditional Christmas foods are stocked.
Both cradles are in place, with their clean, pretty bedding. All unisex baby clothes are washed and put away. The infant car seat is ready to go, complete with the fleecy baby bundler. There is a tiny package of 40 infant diapers on the shelf. There are many clean, fluffy receiving blankets, and the armoire still contains unopened bottles of soaps and lotions from Peanut's shower. (Mom was right - I'll never have to actually buy baby shampoo) The labor bag is packed. Postpartum necessities are stocked.

So WHERE'S THE BABY?! Do you hear that, Baby?! We're ready! All this time, I've been saying, "Oh, what gets done will get done, and I'm not worried about the rest." Well, we're done. And no baby yet. Two weeks ago I was convinced that this baby would appear before the 20th, based on how I was feeling. Ironically, I feel less like labor is iminent this week than I did last week. Way back in October I claimed that I really wouldn't mind Baby being a week late, prefering a post-Christmas birthday. I knew I would change my tune by now. Every night I go to bed hoping I'll be woken by my water breaking. Every morning I wake, disappointed. Yesterday I volunteered to go grocery shopping, figuring that would jinx me. Nothing doing.
If DH didn't have to work tonight, I'd arrange a sitter and go to the movies. Going inconvenient places is a great labor starter. Tom Petty said it best, "The waiting is the hardest part." I so don't want contractions for Christmas, though.

In other news, if you happen to leave frozen sitcks of butter on the back of the stove to soften prior to baking, and you happen to be sure you left five sticks of butter, and you notice later that there are only FOUR sticks of butter on the back of the stove, it's a good idea to put the guilty looking dog in her cage for the night. Butter vomit is easier to clean out of a dog cage than carpeting or furnishings. Also, going grocery shopping is a good way to get out of cleaning up butter vomit.

January 2 is a LOVELY birthday.

- Bob

While I agree that January 2nd is a good birthday, I certainly hope that you go sooner than that.
I feel your pain, and a woman with a baby who is perfectly capable of coming out but decides not to because he/she is too comfy, is not always a rational human being.

The rest of your blog today makes me feel like a slacker, I had to have my parents finish decorating our tree because we never seemed to have time to finish it. And baking, no way. Our oven has been broken for at least three weeks and there seems to be no rush to get someone to fix it.

i say hold out for the first baby of the new year/ picture in the paper part. start off as a famous baby!

(although, i'm not sure if a center baby would make it to the paper. and, i'm not pregnant, so it's easy to wish you only 8 days... ok, change my mind. come on baby!! any time now!!)

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