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About, version II

In the unlikely but not completely improbable chance that new readers arrive here by virtue of my finally listing this blog as a Pgh blog, a reminder of what "Unreserved" is about (in no particular order):
Home improvement
Random unrelated nonsense that no rational person would be interested in reading, particuarly when the author is a complete stranger (but there's a little voyeur in each of us, no?)

To learn more about the author, see my 100 things post.


Listed in the Pittsburgh Blogs! Which this is!


You're "About Me" shows up at the very bottom of your page... you have to scroll down to see it. You might want to move it up the page.

It's not bad. I get goofy whiteness where the background ends when I maximize the page, though. Consider using a "bgcolor: [insert hex for pretty shade of lavender];" in the css for the body tag. Make sure you put it before the link to the background image.

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