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Helpful label information!

As found on our box of generic Aldi's corn flakes (because we're frugal and we likes our cereal):
"Corn Flakes
Toasted Flakes of Corn"

This amused me to no end last night (which was further evidence that 1. I needed to have gone to bed half an hour prior and 2. I've been home long enough now and my brain has begun to atrophy).

I can understand why "Cheerios" has "Toasted Whole Grain Oat Cereal"* under the title - cheerios does not adequately describe the box's contents. But who would be confused by a box labled "corn flakes"? Would anyone assume that the contents are puffed rice? Dried pasta? Cake mix?
The "Rice Krispies" in our cupboard were subtitled "Toasted Rice Cereal" but the "Honey Bunches of Oats" had no subtitle at all. (Which is fine with me - I think they're really Sweetened Clusters of Gravel. I'm no fan of the uber-crunchy cereals.)


*I don't have a box from a year or two ago before the "whole grain" hype was ramped up, but I suspect they only said "Toasted Oat Cereal" then. Sneaky.

I loves me some toasted flakes of corn.

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