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I do love me some maternity leave.

All this time on my hands! Or it would be, if I had hands free. Roughly %80 of my time is spent nursing the tiniest family member. I'm happy to say she's putting on weight like a champ - she went from 7b 7oz on Monday to 7lb 15oz by Thursday. She's well on her way to fat cheeks and chubby fingers. Anna, for her part, has learned not to freak out every time the baby squeeks, and mostly ignores her.
Things about nursing, mostly learned from experience with child #1:
Don't question whether it's time for baby to eat or not - chances are it is.
Or at least baby thinks it is.
What you think doesn't matter.
The very concept of nursing will traumatize a younger brother.
The sight of a baby eating, completely covered, will turn said brother to stone.
That's okay. Sisters don't like to think of brothers as having naughty bits either.
Your inlaws will think you feed the baby too often, but they will be much too polite to say so.
Their other comments, however, will lead you to understand that they think you're crazy but harmless.
You can nurse and type, although it's tricky.
Nursing and knitting is even trickier.
Nursing bras are not sexy.
Victoria's Secret is missing an untapped market.

Couple Christmas with Anna's 2nd birthday and we now have just about every toy manufactured for the delight of 2yr olds somewhere in our livingroom, most likely underfoot. It occured to me yesterday that poor Claire is only going to get clothes for gifts, as we already have all the toys.

Next week there will be a Pgh blogfest. I have mixed feelings about attending. On the one hand, I'd like to meet the locals I read regularly. On the other hand, if I were a social butterfy I probably wouldn't feel the need to blog. Mostly I don't know how to explain it to DH - he's still getting a grasp on what a "blog" is, and only recently expressed interest in reading this one. Having him join me would involve getting a sitter for the girls - not really practical at this point.
I've been active in online communities for about 15 years now, back before "the internets" were a big thing. Back when I was a young whippersnapper, I was on local bulliten boards. We'd have get-togethers and meet-ups and I'm pretty sure my mother was convinced that all the attendees were axe murderers (it turned out that only one sysop was a pedophile). I'm accustomemd to people looking askance at the idea of meeting people you only know virtually.
As if people could only want to meet for devious and/or nefarious purposes.

Must think on it further and discuss. For now, the nipple shark demands an audience!

Wow -- the fact that you even thought about kniting and nursing at the same time makes my head spin. I barely managed to nurse, let alone anything else.

As for toys vs clothes for Claire, you might be surprised at the amount of toys she will probably receive from well-meaning relatives. At least you would be if you had my family and in-laws. Apparently any toy that makes a great amount of noise (preferably in the middle of the night) is a perfect selection for an already sleep-deprived husband and wife.

*changing topic from nursing to noisy toys.*

1. Presses button on noisy chicken.
2. Watch in bemusement as noisy chicken walks around in circles on the floor.
3. Realize that this stupid noisy chicken has made its way from some assembly line in china, to a JoAnn's, to the Unreserved household, to a little tech startup in Wexford where it has become the company mascot.
4. Press button on noisy chicken again

i was the queen of kniting/nursing when josie was wee. now, i hardly have time to knit at all! i was just thinking today about the first few weeks of her life- i basically never put her down for the first six weeks of her life, and she's already so good on her own, so i guess the "can't spoil a baby" thing is true. (i remember you saying something to this effect as well, so you already know this!)

and, do come on wednesday. i'm going to try my darnest to go, and i don't want to be the only one there with a baby!

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