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Another checkup

I had my 6wk postpartum checkup today with the midwife and a student midwife. All is well, and I have (unfortunately?) been declared fit to return to work. *sigh* All good things must come to an end. As much as I've enjoyed being off work, it will be good to feel productive again. Many new things await me at work, as I changed positions a couple months prior to my leave of absence. New things are good.

I believe I am over the baby blues that snuck up on me now and then after having Claire. I was sad that the pregnancy and birth were over, very much like the post-holiday letdown many people experience in January. I enjoy being pregnant (evil rib kicks notwithstanding) and having a new tiny baby to look forward to. I had to remind myself that now I have a new tiny baby to watch grow up, and can look forward to seeing the two girls grow together. Anna told me today that she loves Claire. She also informed me that Claire has two eyes, two ears, and "three two three" flowers on her jammies.

Since this is mostly a parenting related post, I'll share this week's lesson: yes, olive oil DOES remove cradle cap. Anna has had a couple flakey patches for a couple of months. I tried not washing her hair too often (which is easy - she doesn't have much hair anyway and she hates getting it washed). I tried brushing the flakes out, but they hardly budged. I got desperate (okay, grossed out by all the flakes) last night and slimed up her head with a tsp of olive oil and went over it thoroughly (but gently) with a fine-toothed comb. It took three washings with Johnson's Baby Shampoo to get all the oil out, but her scalp looks much better.

Baby blues + mid winter = general bad mood season.
I've found solace in funnies, dinner conversations involving whether or not a hamster can be used in the cat-toast engine, and "electro-rock".

Olive oil...interesting. I never thought about using that, but will try. Kate has some that I would love to get rid of, although it doesn't seem to bother her.
Good luck going back to work. It is hard to get rid of the Mommy Brain but eventually it comes back. I make Bob play Trivial Pursuit with me just to keep me thinking.

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