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Diary of a return to work

Morning - Hey, this getting up early stuff isn't too awful. Must convince brain that it is not illogical to get up while it is still dark out.
At work - Boy, it sure is strange to be back. This place is like a ghost town. Majority of work friends are out of office. Wonder how DH is doing at home.
Afternoon - Okay, the novelty has worn off. Checked DH - all is fine at home. How many hours until I can go home? Two? What am I going to do for two more hours?
At home - Whew. That wasn't so bad. Completely konked out on couch at 8:45.

Morning - Yeah, this sucks. Where's my coffee? Need coffee. At least I'm not running behind schedule.
Afternoon - Realized that the novelty of being the working parent returned to work that kept life interesting with baby #1 is completely missing this time. I already know what it's like to return to work after leave, and would now like to know what it's like to be the stay-at-home parent. Mostly, I just don't want to be at work. Also notice that two months of mostly wearing slippers has made my feet unaccustomed to my shoes. Feet hurt. Whine whine whine.
At home - DH has coped just fine again. Yeay DH! Konked on couch at 9:30.

Morning - Whatever.
Afternoon - Furiously daydreaming about how to work, parent, and go to school full time to switch careers completely as working for "the man" in Big Souless Corp is getting to me. Realize that it's completely impossible, and that I probably don't want to switch careers anyway and am likely just feeling overwhelmed at the concept of 35 more years of corporate drudgery, assuming my job isn't outsourced to India. Must quit talking to negative people regarding outsourcing. In particular must quit talking to negative people who are less than 5yrs from retirement and can make all sorts of gloomy prognostications because it doesn't matter to them anyway.
Come home to letter from University indicating that since my GPA is 2.9 I am on accademic probation and inelligible to TA (as if I intended to) or obtain an MS deg. Which is a laugh riot considering my GPA has been too low for the deg for...um...two years now? And I just found out about the whole "accademic probation" angle a year ago (why didn't they send me a letter then?). And yeah, go ahead University, rub it in. I resume fantasizing about scrapping the MS and switching careers.
Evening - It's almost 10:00 and I'm still awake! DH works tonight - tomorrow should be interesting.

So that whole Olympic Knitting thing? I've got about 10 rows knit. If I do manage to finish my project, it will truly be a feat.
I started (on Sunday night, so I'm already two days behind) a Shetland lace baby jacket from "Heirloom Knitting". About 15 rows into it I decided I didn't like the background of the (simple) lace pattern in garter stitch. Frogged. Cast on again and worked three rows stockingette before remembering it curls. Smacked forehead, frogged. Cast on again, this time chosing more complex lace pattern than the one suggested. Worked five rows, completely failed to establish the pattern accurately. Frogged. (swatch? We don't need no freaking swatch!) Worked 10 rows. Fell asleep.
Film at 11.

You seem to have a while to go before you are put on double secret probation.

As for working for the souless conglomerate, I still haven't found a way around that one. I like my paychecks too much. At least with this new one, I am hoping for all the Swedish Fish and Swedish Meatballs I can eat.

You can scrap the souless corporation thing and help mom run her yarn shop. The downfall is that you will have to sell both your children to the gypsies and live on ramen.

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