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I just tucked my 2yr old daughter into bed with a potato.

Yes, a potato. She found it herself in the cabinet in the kitchen, and she'd been playing with it all evening. When I told her it was time for bed, she looked up at me with soulful puppydog eyes and said, "Potato night-night, too?"
Before she would brush her teeth for her bedtime ritual, she insisted on washing and lovingly drying the potato.
The potato has a name. Its name, according to Peanut, is Mushy.

I LOVE this child.

This child is Da Bomb.

Does she go to bed with the potato every night? If so, won't be long before it lives up to its name. You'll have to go to the market to find a new, similar looking potato and just do the bait and switch.

Cute! Mr Potato Head without the plastic eyes...

omg that's adorable.
my best valentine (don't tell my husband) (or maybe it was just my best valentine until i met him) was my junior year of college, when this guy on whom i had a mad crush showed up with a mutual friend of ours for a valentine's day non-date. i won't bore you with the first five (yes, five) silly gifts, but the last one was from dan (the crush): a big red potato about the size of my fist. he said, "i got this for you because it looked more like a real heart than any of the valentines i could find."
yeah, i melted. that was 19 years ago, and i bet i'll never forget it.

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