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It's freezing in here! Or things I'll do to show off knitting.

One of the many reasons I'm glad we have a laptop (thanks again, Mom and Steve!) is that the room where our desktop resides in is freezing in the winter and my fingers are going numb as I type this. Unfortunately it's also the only computer I can hook the digital camera up to, so it's where all the photo goodness resides. Visit my new Flicker set to see some completed projects. I've got to remember to take pictures of gift knitting before I gift it - there's a few things I'm sort of proud of that are no longer in my posession.

I have failed to place in the Knitting Olympics. That's okay, because the Yarn Harlot specifically mentioned baby rocking as an acceptable reason not to finish, and that's what I've been doing. I just turned the halfway point on my lace baby jacket last night, over four days past the closing ceremonies. *shrug* Oh well.

Had a great time at the 2nd Annual Knitting Festival last weekend. Scored some lovely merino/mohair blend that will be a cardigan for Peanut, some odd but inexpensive white boucle that will be a scarf for DH's family reunion Chineese auction, and some beige rayon ribbon yarn (also inexpensive) for me because I've never tried it before. It's destined to be a summer tank top of some sort. I'll figure it out as I go.
My brother, however, was even happier with what he scored, and no, I'm not just talking about the rainbow Lorna's Laces sock yarn.

I can probably take a picture of my Christmas grab bag, and e-mail it to you, to help fill in your missing pictures...

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