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Too smart

Peanut locked DH out of the house today. He went out to get the mail, and Anna figured out how to work the lock on the storm door. Or at least how to lock it. Unlocking took a little trial and error, but she did let him back in. Which is good. Note to self - remove lock from storm door.

I had to fix the collar on my Ribby Cardi. I had made a fold-over version, and it didn't fold so much as scruch up behind my neck. It's been shortened to a mock turtleneck. I started putting the zipper in, but it's every bit as difficult as you might think to sew in a zipper with an infant on your lap. What? You say I could put the infant down? Hahahahah. You're funny. That's why I like you.

I've been daydreaming about knitting Cromarty. I am going to knit Cromarty. It's just a matter of chosing the yarn. While at the Knitting Festival, I came across RYC's "Cashcotton" and "Cashsoft." The cashsoft is the right gauge (142yd/50g) but the cashcotton (which is thinner at 190ish yd/50g) comes in the perfect shade of heathered blue.
Both yarns would make for a very spendy Cromarty, and the thrifty side of me says to go with KnitPicks merino style. The naughty knitter says that if you're going knit a pattern that gorgeous, the yarn should be decadent anyway. Hrm. Must think some more. Truth be told, I like fantasizing about a project as much as working it.

Hmm, locking parents out of the house... sounds like unlocking the kitchen door before getting the mail might be in order (emergency entrance :) )
While the Marino Style colors are very nice, there isn't a heathered blue. I'm afraid you might find the colors too bold for the Cromarty.

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