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Like ear crack

I am listening to my very first song on my very new iPod as I write this. I am embarrased to admit how very much this excites me. I should be playing it cool. After all, the entire rest of the world already has iPods, including pygmies living in mud huts in the dark corners of far away continents. Thank you, thank you DH for a marvelous birthday gift!
As I have both an adictive personality and an adiction to music, this new toy is like crack for my ears. I've got eclectic taste in music. Now instead of a bizarre assortment of cds scattered all over the house, and the car, and work, I can indulge my eccentricites with a single white Chicklet box.

I was somewhat afraid to install the software and hook it up, as I appear to be cursed this evening.
We're enjoying our first 88deg F day of the year. This gave me an opportunity to find out that my car's AC wasn't working. It's not working after paying to have it recharged two weeks ago. After being assured that it was holding vacuum and should logically hold coolant. Coolant which I was informed was tinted with a neon dye just in case. Neon dye that is apparent all over the charging port, which may be from leaking or may be from the recent fill. This would be the same AC system whose fan electronics were fixed two weeks prior to finding out that I was out of coolant. In short, two trips to the garage and much money later, it was still a very sweaty commute home.

On my commute home I had a disagreable experience picking up buns and milk that doesn't bear detailing, save to say I arrived home unhappy with a gallon of unintentional skim milk. Then I found what I believed was a shipping mistake in some milk storage bags I had purchased. After a cross call to customer service I checked my e-mail and found that actually they were being nice and rushing me the first of 5 boxes so that I wouldn't run out. That made me feel like an ass, but I'm an ass with milk storage bags. In case you are a breastfeeding mother, www.breastfeedingexpress.com is a lovely company from which to buy Whisper Wear breast pump accessories. I'm sorry if I was crabby with them. If you are my brother, I'm sorry if your eyes have just burned out of your head at a reference to the fact that I have boobs.

Tonight the littlest squid screamed for two hours straight. Nothing would convince her that it would be prudent to stop.
Once she was finally asleep and I was in the midst of installing the iPod software on the laptop, the laptop decided to go on strike. The screen went blank and it was off. It won't boot. It won't even think about booting. It's times like these that make me wonder how my family members who make a living with such things manage not to go after them with sledgehammers.
It's times like these that make me think Claire's got the right idea. Scream a bit, then curl up with a thumb in one's mouth and go to sleep.

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