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Here comes the sun?

Bad thing about lackluster weekend weather: Brr! I realize it's not freezing, and I know technically it's not summer yet, but why does all the gorgeous weather have to happen during the week?
Good thing about lackluster weekend weather: It's a handy excuse not to do yardwork. Although if I was smart I'd take advantage of the fact that the sun isn't beating down harshly and go weed the yard. Instead I'm hiding in the house taking care of all those nagging little things I've been meaning to get around to "sometime." Like blogging.

Knitting content:
Norgi progress! I'm past the umpteen miles of plain vanilla stockinette and up to the colorwork at the top. Progress will likely be slower now, but more interesting.
Green hemp sweater picture!The pattern was from Weekend Knitting, which DH kindly gifted me with last Christmas. Said he, "I figured you could use some projects that don't take forever." Great idea! The "weekend" concept was a little hazy, since this took me a couple weeks. Presumably others don't have as much children wrangling in their weekends. Mostly I wanted to see how the hemp yarn knit up. As promised, it made a nice, soft, fluid fabric. It wasn't the nicest tactile experience to knit with. I'd give it a 6 on a scale of 1-10. As in "fun, but probably wouldn't buy it any more." The sweater is knit side to side, which was kind of cute, but the smaller dangling needles for the rolled edge were annoying. Also I'm not a big fan of rolled edges. They always look unfinished to me.
I actually enjoyed seaming this sweater. Before seaming, it looked like a collection of dish rags. It was fun to watch the dishrags turn into a tiny sweater. I especially liked the buttons. It's hard to see in the picture, but they're rainbow and irridescent. They pick up the green nicely. I also had to assure the recipient that said baby should wear this sweater NOW (assuming he wants to get any use out of it), as it will be outgrown in the blink of an eye. Said recipient is unaware how fast babies grow.

Which segues nicely into pictures of how my babies are growing:Anna likes to help feed Claire, but has a tendency to jam the spoon down her throat. I suggested she feed her baby doll instead. You can see that the baby doll has "makeups" on, and is naked. In our house, all baby dolls must be naked. I don't know why.

First baby foods notwithstanding, Claire would rather eat newspaper:The above is the result of a restless night that was had by all, courtesy of Anna's first ear infection. Claire fell back asleep in my bed after her pre-dawn breakfast (with thumb for dessert). Eventually I had to get up, but couldn't resist a picture of them at their quietest. Sweet dreams!

I like how the sleeping babies are reaching out to each other :)

I LOVE that hemp sweater...almost makes me want to learn but I barely have time to pay the bills.
The photo of the girls is classic. Still haven't been able to get one of Adam and Kate asleep in the same place, but plenty of opportunities to take one of him hitting her over the head with a toy (that he's just stolen from her).

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