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I'm so tired I can taste it.

Either that or I'm still tasting particles of of the twizzler I had earlier today. I've got extra storage space in my mouth in the form of healing wisdom tooth sockets. I finally faced the music and put off the oral surgery I'd been fearing for three years. I greatly appreciated being on the recieving end of pharmaceuticals rather than the manufacturing end. It put me in mind of the many people who scoff at the concept of drug-free childbirth that like to compare it to having teeth pulled. Say they, "You wouldn't get your wisdom teeth pulled without pain medication, so why should you give birth without it?" Apples and oranges, my friends. Actually, just for the fun of it, let's compare the two:
A process mamals are physically (if somewhat improbably) designed for
Lasts approximately one day
Brings a new life into the world
A cherished memory (especially with convenient "labor amnesia")
When it's over, you get to take home a tiny person

Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Evolution or an unspecified diety put those teeth there, I suppose for some reason
Lasts an hour, unless you count the years of generalized anxiety preceding it
Puts an end to your dentist nagging you about the stupid things
Not something I'd like to remember. Amnesia courtesy of drugs, sweet drugs.
When it's over, you get bloody teeth in an envelope. Wheee.

So why am I blogging if I'm so tired? Because I'm printing the Breast Cancer Awareness issue of Knitty and my printer is taking six years per page. Now that it deigned to print. After I reinstalled Adobe Acrobat Reader twice. And rebooted the computer once.
I'm putting together a prize "basket" for an auction we're doing for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. I felted a bag that I knit out of Kool-Aid dyed Lionbrand Fishermans wool. It's a mottled watermellony pink. Mottled because I failed in my first attempt at space dyeing. (note to self - get big mason jars) It turned out pretty cute. In it, I am putting yarn and needles to knit "Shedir", the chemo cap from aforementioned Knitty issue, and the materials to make "Pink Ribbons Socks".
I really hope there are knitters at the event tomorrow. I'll take it personally if the bag doesn't generate some ticket sales. Or I could just load it up with my own tickets and hope I win it back, then knit the projects and donate them. Oh the karma!
The cause (cancer, not necessarily that of the breast) is one that is very near and dear to the Unreserved household, as Mr. Unreserved is a survivor. This week I managed to catch "A Lion in the House". If it is still airing on your local PBS station, as it is on ours this weekend, I recommend it. Have tissues handy.

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