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Who ate my addis?!

An hour ago I felt triumphant - I had finished the body of "Baby Norgi" and was ready to start the sleeves. The girls were both finally asleep, which meant I could get maybe an hour of uninterupted knitting time in. I reached for my 16" size 0 Addi turbos, my only Addis (wherever I was the day I bought them had only Addis in that particular size) as most of my needles are Inox (being slightly more frugal). No needles. They were right there on the end table last night. Hm...
Anna likes to play with my circular needles, so I checked the toy pile - nope. Not under the couch or any other furniture....Not in the knitting basket or bag...
What's that glint under the piano bench?
Half of a chewed up size 0 circular needle and two fragments of cable.
I don't know whether to blame the dog, who looked guilty and slunk off when she saw I had discovered the damage, or the cat who had a thing for my circular needles when I was working on the hemp sweater. It doesn't matter, the damage is done and the baby is awake and now it's time to make dinner. Fortunately the LYS is open until 6:00 and I've got a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket. Maybe I'll toss the baby in the car (not literally, but it makes for a great mental picture) and run over there while the pizza dough rises.....

Edited to add:
The more I thought about it, the more it seemed that 16" circulars wouldn't be best for a sleeve. Lo and behold the instructions do specify dpns. *smacks forehead* Now I've got to put my sock in progress on a makeshift stitch holder. It's still quicker than going to the yarn shop.

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