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La la la la la

I've got nothing. Nothing but random.
- It's turning beautiful here in our little corner of Pennsylvania. I love October, but I'm not ready to give up summer. This is because I hate winter. Also we are entering "mole season." Wake up in the dark, go to work in the dark, come home in the dark.

- Total number of deer observed along the drive from work's parking lot last Wednesday: seven
Total number of turkey observed that same day: five
My personal deer number observation record: twenty seven
Total number of geese observed today: Approximately thirty
I make a game of counting the deer as I leave work. This time of year it is peek deer watching time when leaving. My employer owns roughly 180 suburban acres on which my workplace is situated. I swear the animals know it's posted. It's wild kingdom out there.

- My brother can fit an astonishing amount of second-hand (more like fifth-hand) furniture in his tiny yet efficient car.

- It feels really good to unload fifth-hand furniture I've been saving for just such an occasion. Here's a tip to those of you who, like my brother, think that it might be a good idea to someday buy a house with lots of storage: Don't. The more space you have to store junk, the more junk you will accumulate. If, like us, your house is too small for the regular stuff let alone a bunch of extraneous stuff, you will be forced to minimize extraneous stuff. Of course this means you'll always be fighting the battle of the stored junk, much like yo-yo dieters are always trying to drop a pound or twenty. You will find yourself with thirty Easter baskets in the basement and wonder how they got there and vow to be more vigillant. You will slip and allow a (generic) Tupperware collection to accrue. It will bury you when you open the cupboard to get some tarragon. You will throw out the (generic) Tupperware. It will return.

- I have no cupboard doors on my kitchen cabinets right now. (what other type of doors would I have on my cabinets?) It makes cooking just that much faster to not have to open and close doors! I'm living this way on purpose! Not because I haven't managed to finish stripping the paint off the doors! Exclamation points are buy one get one free in this poorly constructed paragraph!


So I got somewhat lost on the way home, and ended up getting on 79 an exit before Wexford. Don't ask me how. It was dark

Everybody should have a small & efficient car.

My new fifth-hand & chairs just barely fits in my kitchen, but it works, and thus I am happy!

Hooray! I must admit I am impressed that they even fit at all.
At least you didn't have to drive up an embankment onto 279. :)
You're officially past the half-way point of learning your way around the 'burgh. You have reached the point where you can get lost and, while you may not have a clue where you are, you recognize major highways and how to take them to get where you want to go. Since you can never drive too far without hitting a major highway, you're golden, though possibly very indirect.

I have some random comments.

The hubby likes to keep stuff "just in case we need it", which of course we never do. It just piles up and takes up space that could be taken up by the radily expanding plastic toys in our house.

My work campus is surrounded by woods and we always have geese, deer and chipmunks running around. Also spotted were skunks, turkeys, and my personal favorite because it was seen up front and personal by me, was the coyote. He just stared at me in wee hours of the morning as I slowly walked backwards up the steps to work. I am not going to list the Wyle E. Coyote jokes I had to endure.


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