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I'm a spinner!

I spun for 2.5 remarkable hours tonight. I say remarkable because no one woke up screaming, and I didn't fall asleep. I'm getting the hang of this spinning thing!
I filled a bobbin with singles of creamy white wool/mohair blend (I think. . . Hey, Mom, what was that fiber content again? I think the tag got left at your house.) and very rarely was it kinky or lumpy. It feels like yarn and not twine. I really like the Ashford Kiwi, not that I have a whole lot of basis to compare it to, but the treadling is effortless and I find it very easy to control.
Now all I have to do is repeat it with another bobbin then it's on to learning to ply.

It's 75% wool and 25% mohair. It spins up nicely and the mohair helps the fiber to slip easily when you're learning to spin.

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