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Milestone #1: On Monday, I turned 30.
Milestone #2: On Wednesday, I picked up the keys to our new house.
Milestone #3: On Thursday, I found my first grey hair.

We haven't moved in yet and already the place is turning me grey. It's either that or the kids. Or Mr. Unreserved. Or work. Yes, the lack of pigment in one hair at the very front and center of my hairline has nothing to do with age. It's all stress related. At the rate I'm going, it'll all be completely white in five years.

We got our first real look at the yard yesterday - such a great lot with so much potential! It's brimming with potential! And weeds! And dirt! And rocks! Which means we'll be brimming with yard work. Mmmm, but at least all the yard work on this house will be for our own benefit, as I have no plans of leaving it, possibly ever. (I say that now, but I guarantee at some point, deep in the middle of a project that has gone on far too long and cost far too much, I will wish we had bought a condo.)

I had a vivid dream last night that I was about to give birth to a third child. In the dream my skin had stretched so thin that I could clearly see the babe within and was trying to figure out the gender. This tells me that my subconscious isn't satisfied with all the actual sources of anxiety. It feels the need to go and dig up some new, fresh, completely fictional anxiety. I've had several third baby dreams lately even though we are just as far from deciding that matter as we were a year ago (which is to say completely undecided and not really worrying about it). I've also dreamed that we bought a huge, empty department store with attached living quarters, all in deplorable condition. Gee, wonder where that one came from. I also spent an entire early morning wandering a dream grocery store full of angst because I wanted to bake a cheesecake and needed six 8oz packs of cream cheese and all I could find was 12 4oz packs. For some reason that wasn't good enough.
Why can't I have nice dreams about Brad Pitt in a pile of kittens like normal people?

This weekend we have been promised our (new) house will be vacated for real. Laisser les bonne temps rouler!

I can't believe that you were 30 when you found your first gray hair. I am jealous.


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