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This entry is a placeholder of sorts. A longwinded placeholder.

I want to post pictures, lots and lots of pictures, and details. I am too tired to get up and round up the camera and the card reader and the names of things and places. The only thing that will motivate me to get up off the couch this evening is food, so this will have to do for now.

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was awe inspiring! It was everything I hoped it would be and then some. It felt so good to be surrounded by fellow fiber enthusiasts, especially considering we're in the minority in everyday life. No one minded if you checked out their sweaters behind their backs. People understood the oohing and ahhing over beautiful fibers in gorgeous colorways. Apparently now in addition to being a regular garden-variety geek, I'm also a fiber geek.

If the conversion to full-blown geekdom wasn't complete before we left, my mom made sure it was by the time we got home. My birthday present - a starter supply of fiber and an Ashford Kiwi! Fun! (Thanks, again!) I spent as much time as I could this past weekend making kinky yarn (that ought to make for interesting google hits) between getting Claire out of the trouble she's gotten very good at finding. (more on fiber acquisitions when I get pictures and details at some later date)

Things Claire got into / trashed this weekend:
Dumped the remains of two beers and a Pepsi all over the dining table and played in the puddles
Climbed on the table and ate margarine straight from the tub with both fists
Completely ransacked the bathroom drawers
Completely ransacked every storage device in the living room
Incompletely emptied the bin of giftwrap from under our bed and began unrolling and ripping it into shreds
Dumped the dog's water dish all over the kitchen floor
Ransacked the playroom (but that's par for the course - that's why it's a playroom)
Unraveled many yards of kinky yarn and wrapped them around the living and dining rooms
Dumped the contents of my purse and began eating my ipod headphones

Keep in mind that all of these were really over the span of about a day and a half, as we went visiting our mothers for Mother's Day. Maybe we should supervise her more closely? Ha! You are full of such helpful suggestions! Why didn't we think of that!? Certainly we don't need to prepare meals or change clothes or shower or go pee. Also imagine all of these things happening while Anna whines and throws herself around in dramatic fashion at the cruelty of being served milk in the WRONG CUP. She wanted the one with the MONKEY ON IT. NOW. Each misadventure was followed by a screaming fit from Claire as we stole her newfound fun from her. Now you see why I have no time for uploading pictures.

We are learning how the other half lives - we're the proud owners of TWO houses! And TWO mortgages! Heaven help us! On my to-do list: Bury St. Joseph in the flower bed. The closing was a nightmare. Do any of these ever go smoothly? We're landlords until May 31st, after which the sellers can kindly vacate the premises or find their belongings on the lawn. Honestly, I'm a nice person until pushed too far. I've been pushed too far a few too many times since February. As if this blog didn't have a fuzzy enough focus to begin with, I expect it to be even more of a renovation blog as home improvement takes over even more of our lives. I especially like the saying I found on another renovation blog: We call it "home improvement" because it couldn't get any worse.

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