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It's a busy busy world in Unreservedville

We just had a great weekend. Mr. Unreserved was in a wedding - and a very nice wedding it was. I'm very happy for the happy couple. Also nice was the fact that I finished my handspun hand knit Luna shawl in time to wear to the wedding. The weather was nice enough to wear the sleeveless dress as I had hoped, but the shawl came in handy to deal with extra enthusiastic air conditioning. (And also to show it off, of course! It's not every day I get to wear lace.) Also also nice was the face that my kind parents took the girls for over 24hrs. We got to sleep in for the first time in years! Woot! The girls (and grandparents, I presume) had a good time. We feel greatly refreshed and ready to resume the parenting yolk.

It was such a good weekend that I was extra crabby to wake and find it Monday today.

What else have we been up to? We got a kitty! Just what we needed! (does anyone ever need a kitty? At this moment, the kitty is hiding behind the couch. I'm not sure if she's hiding from the dog or from Anna who was "keeping her safe" from the dog.

We had been thinking of getting another cat for a while. I knew it wasn't just me when Mr. Unreserved showed me a cute kitten posts on Craigslist. We contacted the poster and I made arrangements to get one after work on Wednesday. The poster said she'd be home, and to call her if I had any trouble finding the house.
She stood me up. I arrived at the agreed upon time and there was no one there. I called, but got no answer. I waited 45 minutes, gave up, and went to the Humane Society five minutes before they closed and came home with an all black medium haired already spayed current on her shots and microchipped three month old kitty.
We have agreed (after much discussion) to name her Lucy. Oliver has grudgingly accepted her presence, but she's still getting used to Zoe.

Housing hijinks have been active as well, but I don't feel like talking about that.

The Grandparents enjoyed the weekend with the girlies very much! They certainly are an entertaining crew.

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