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You know, if I didn't know better I'd swear this house hates me

A friend stopped by my office today.
"Did you do something different with your hair?" she asked.
"Yes, I didn't condition and I used a cold water rinse."
This was not out of a desire to give my hair more bounce and sheen so much as it was out of necessity. My choices in water temperature this morning were cold and also cold. Any water that may once have been hot had long since vanished down the drain in the basement floor.

Trying to look on the bright side, replacing the water heater was on our list of things we intended to do eventually. The old one was manufactured in 1983 and wasn't at the pinnacle of efficiency. And while my first instinct was to lament that it happened on a Monday morning, at least that was a regular day for the plumber. Yes, I suppose we could have replaced it ourselves, but we had an extraneous gas line removed and some old less than optimal (read possibly unsafe) valves replaced. Also there was 100% less swearing (not counting the repeated curses I launched at the old heater pre-coffee and sponge bath), and I didn't have to use a vacation day to wrangle children while Mr. Unreserved cursed at the plumbing.

In the last house we needed a plumber once in seven years. Since all this housing nonsense started, we've had to have a sewage clean out replaced (old house), gas line replaced (old house), two sewage overflows fixed (new house) and the water heater replaced (obviously new house). We now have a favorite plumbing company.
The water heater at the old house is very old also, but that house is now under a shiny 1yr warranty for the benefit of the new owner. If she's wise, she'll take a crowbar to the thing before the year is up.

What fun!

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