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You know what's a funny word? Spleen.

Seriously. Try saying it several times. Spleen spleen spleen spleen spleen. I vote it the most oddly named bodily organ.

Anyway, we sold our old house today! Woo hoo! I wish the new owner many happy years there. I suggested she crowbar her water heater. On the way home from the closing we picked up my knitting needles from the yarn shop and my arbor from the old yard. I said goodbye to the old house. I scratched around a bit for St. Joseph. St. Joseph has mystical powers! He turned himself into an ordinary rock! I said goodbye to St. Joseph. Serves him right for taking so long anyway.

Ah, nostalgia. When we moved into the old house we were fresh faced (well, one of us) newlyweds (it was two weeks before our first anniversary). We never planned on staying there more than about 10 years. We planned on having enough children to outgrow the place eventually. Still I can't help but smile over the good memories we had there. That's the house where we collected grow up furnishings and power tools. That's the house we brought our newborn girls home to. It's a place where we spent many a weekend covered in paint or caulk or sawdust.

But this morning as I stood in the kitchen making salad for 20 to send to preschool, the girls were playing around my feet. (this would not have been possible in the old house) I had plenty of counter space to lay out vegetables. The dog went running out in the yard to chase deer. Looking around this house overwhelms me with the things we need to do, but we'll get there. Eventually. We're still fresh faced enough to take this on. (or at least one of us is) I won't have to scrape my car in the mornings anymore. There will be new memories, eventually. Meanwhile, I've got more painting to do.

I had to query Google to figure out what the spleen does. I don't recall ever being taught this in any biology classes. I think Caughey was more interested in frogs.

Woo! Congrats on the sale!

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