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Blatant refusal to acknowledge there are only 24 hrs in a day

After being banned from their playroom for a day, the toysplosion is back to more manageable levels. The girls are currently playing their favorite game - "Choo-choo." This is a fairly simple game. Anna runs around the house in a circle yelling "Choo Chooooo!" and Claire grabs on to the back of her shirt and follows. This can go on for upwards of half an hour and usually ends when the choo-choo gets going too fast and the two of them fall on top of each other and cry. Lather, rinse, repeat. Who needs toys?

I got a bunch of spinning done yesterday while Mr. Unreserved worked on the floor in the girls' room. This was my excuse from not painting. I can't paint trim while the floor project is in progress. I had worked up such a good amount of momentum in painting the walls last weekend, but I don't know where it all went. The trim is still. . . colorful.

The floor project is a quest to fill in the gaping hole in the floor (kept carefully boarded up when not in use) that is the result of having a radiator reinstalled in that room. Why the original one was missing when we bought the place is a mystery. All the plumbing is in place now. Once we get the floor built back up the plumbers will come and install The Beast. The Beast is a 32 fin 56"x22"x12" cast iron behemoth that we managed to catch on Craigslist for $50. Unfortunately The Beast is so large and heavy (estimated at roughly 800lb) that the workers are going to have to crack it in two to get it up the steps then reassemble it upstairs. This adds four times the cost of the radiator to the project, which has already been a money suck. I must remind myself that the expense of the ongoing projects is reflected in the (comparatively low) price we paid for the house. Also, I like ramen.

I'm about to have another project competing for my time. I've ordered the pattern for the girls' Easter dresses. "Already?" you say, "It's only January." I am well aware of that. Are you aware that Easter is the 3rd week of March this year? It's pretty much as early as it gets. I've got a track record of time consuming dresses to uphold. I figure I might as well because in five years they're going to want to be wearing the 2013 equivalent of low-riding yoga pants with "Princess" printed across the ass end. I've got to enjoy the cute while I can. This year's matching dresses involve a ruffled old style button down dress under a pin-tucked pinafore. No smocking this time. I saw the pattern two years ago and have been waiting until Claire is big enough for the smallest size (2). I'm thinking the most difficult part of this project will be finding suitable fabric, seeing as the local JoAnn's has little more than polar fleece, quilter's calico, and home decor fabrics. If I have time after their dresses, I may make one for myself. I haven't done that in years. Two months from now when I'm tearing my hair out and berating my sewing machine I can look back on this post and see what stupid optimism looks like. I blame my multitasking work-aholic perfectionist parents for infecting me with their particular sickness. (but only because of the snickering from the last post)

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