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All aboard the train of thought

The girls and I went camping over the weekend at my family's place on top of a very large hill (not officially a mountain, but we think of it that way) near the Allegheny National Forest. I've mentioned it here before. I spent almost all my Memorial Day weekends there growing up. I find it therapeutic. It's a good place for navel gazing, drinking, or just sitting around getting dirtier and greasier. The advantage of the later is the joy inherent in showering after three days with no running water. It always takes me three shampoos to get the smoke out of my hair.
I'm noticing that after these weekend excursions, I'm mentally resisting returning to ordinary life. I think that means I need a vacation. But is there such a thing as a vacation when one is the parent of pre-schoolers?
Tomorrow is my 31st birthday. I will celebrate by going to work, coming home, eating dinner, and reading picture books on the couch. I may watch a little tv. I am a wild woman.
The dog is staring at me.
Mr. Unreserved made more progress this evening in Operation Demolish the Deck.
When we looked at the house, the previous owners didn't even mention the L-shaped deck that wrapped around beside and behind the kitchen. It was snow-covered at the time and I didn't even notice it back there until the 2nd time we came to look at the place. You'd think someone would mention a feature like that.
The reason they didn't, we later found, is because it was not sound. It was sagging noticeably where the deck met the kitchen at the back. Mr. Unreserved chose to stand on it while spraying for ants last fall and *Creak!* dropped the deck. Sort of. (no husbands were harmed in the sagging of this deck) Turns out the beam of the house to which the deck was (incorrectly) attached was completely rotted. As in I could go back there and scoop out the remains with a plastic spoon if I so desired.
The deck itself was no real peach, either. Having never been sealed against the elements, the decking was succumbing to the same fate as the support beam.
After much debate we decided not to try to salvage the deck since we have a plethora of porch space around the other two sides of the house. I'm slightly disappointed, since it filled in a rather useless space between the house and the garage. But I'm more happy that the de-dumpification of the house is continuing.
Besides, it had to go so that we can proceed with the gutter project. The current gutters back there are functioning solely as a nesting box for a family of sparrows.

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