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Still posting with a sleeping baby on my lap.

I suppose I should wrap the word baby in quotes, as Claire is as feisty as 2.5yr olds tend to be. She was not sleeping well, and conked back out on my lap. I've only got so many years in my life to spend time with a sleeping child on my lap. I cherish them.
Even if they reek of bathroom cleanser.

Earlier this evening, while we were cleaning up from dinner (full disclosure - Mr. Unreserved was cleaning up, I was making a cup of Earl Grey), Claire decided to go potty. Only Miss Claire hasn't figured out that you're supposed to go potty before you, um, go potty. So there was quite a mess on the floor of the bathroom, which she decided to clean up all by herself. She's a very thoughtful devious child.
Lesson learned: child locks are still a requirement on the bathroom cabinet.

I suspect she was mimicking her sister, who's been getting happy with a can of Lysol lately. (note: I am not normally a Lysol person, believing that there is no substitute for good old fashioned "clean," but there was a nasty bout of stomach bugs this past winter and I started to get paranoid)
Lesson: See above regarding child safety locks.

Awwww. . . Claire rolled over, startled by my sneezing, and has her hands clasped in front of her as if in prayer. As if she wasn't angelic enough while sleeping.

Did I have a point?

Well, I did come here to update the adventures in fleece. A second washing and double rinsing has taken the lanolin out of half the corriedale fleece, but it didn't get the yellow out. (You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!) I have decided to embrace the yellow. A quick trial with the hand carder shows me that it should blend into a nice, creamy natural color. The fibers appear sound.

Also I came to brag that with the miserable weather, I spent the bulk of the weekend indulging fibery pursuits. I dyed some hand-spun, spun 4.2oz of merino/silk from Stony Mountain Fibers, assembled and played with the new hand cards, and set the twist in the skein of icelandic 3-ply. (I broke down and bought a new niddy noddy - the original one failed to materialize.)

I've come to the conclusion that I really need to rig up some sort of tension for my lazy kate. I just don't like the inconsistencies in my plying.

Also I need a lawn gnome. Steve and I established this at the Pittsburgh Blogfest, where I am proud to say I spent a whole evening with people whom I am not related to (except Steve) and do not work with. (oof, that sentence was a mess, but there it stands) Okay, maybe "need" is too strong of a word, but really, who doesn't need a lawn gnome?

I'm not certain I need a lawn gnome, but I do think they have charm. I hope you're able to get one.

For myself, I'd like a pink flamingo. I think I need to improve the general state of my yard before I go decorating it though. Otherwise, it will look like I'm making fun of myself.

The advantage of lawn gnomes over pink flamingos is the longevity and durability of poured concrete over plastic. Somebody, somewhere, tried to make a concrete flamingo. It had structural issues.

I don't have a sleeping baby, but i do have a sleeping fat dog who grunts when she's happy :-)

Your wooly tales are giving me motivation to pick up my needles and finish a sweater or two.

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