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Gee, your hair smells terrific!

Sunday. 15 minutes from walking out the door for church. Was congratulating myself on having all of us ready ahead of time for a change, thus avoiding the last minute out the door scramble.
The girls were in the bedroom getting their sandals. Claire brings hers to me. I grab a comb to straighten out her hair, and stop short. Glistening throughout the crown of her golden fine freshly washed baby hair is a copious amount of A&D Ointment.
"I put keem* in my hair, Mama!"

Three shampoos only served to distribute the ointment throughout her head, but it was enough to get us through mass.

A more effective way to remove A&D ointment from hair, if you're curious, is to comb a good amount of talcum powder through the hair with a fine comb, then wash two times with dish washing soap and once with baby shampoo.

*"Keem" is Claire's word for diaper rash cream. She also requests "cheese" when being diapered (due to the resemblance of talcum powder to powdered Parmesan). Anyone not familiar with her might be surprised to hear the request for cream cheese on her bottom. The jury is still out as to whether the brilliant hair styling idea was hers alone or if her sister gave it to her. The only evidence was the guilty looks and evasions of the resident four year old.

That's funny! I didn't have to clean it up so I can say that. I've done duty with A&D and it wasn't fun to clean up. At least I could throw the clothes away.

I hope to never have to test your solution for Keem hair!

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