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The thing I like best about weekends is their potential - when it's Friday night and you have two whole days ahead of you with relatively little obligations on your time.
What do I want to do first? Finish painting the girls' room? Knit? Clean? Garden? Brush the dog? Scrub the porch? Wash the car? Run to the store? Sew?
The warped part of my mind gets all in a tizzy over the possibility of doing ALL of those things! After all, I have two whole days! I'll conquer the whole house in a fit of unbridled energy!
So I stand in the middle of the living room and slowly turn in circles, wondering where to begin.
And before I know it it's Sunday night and I'm lucky if I've gotten to even two of the things on my list.

Hmmm, if you manage to get two things done, then you are doing better than me! I spend the entire weekend trying to figure out what to do.

Go Pens!

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