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Gotta wonder

I know I'm not writing anything ground-breaking or controversial here.
I know that the vast majority of my readers are family members, friends,
or people who are reading comments I've left at other blogs who wonder
just who the crazy lady is. I write mostly for my own benefit, as a way
of saying, "Hey! I exist!" and also, "My kids are really cute, or at
least I think so!" and, "I knit and live in an absurdly tumble down
fixer-upper of a house!" I am not trying to get a book deal. I am not
trying to sway political opinion. I do not have over 300 subscribers.
Commenters do not fight to be the first to leave their opinions. Ad
revenue from this blog would not support me in my lavish middle-class
life style.
So why am I slightly irritated to find that almost half of the most
recent hits on this blog are from searches regarding the word "spleen"?

The spleen is a very important organ, not to be discounted.

Most of the hits to my blog are for the phrase "tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, Tomorrow!" Which sentiment I have blogged about, and sometimes feel, but which I don't think is broadly representative of my blogging ouevre.

I get a great deal of hits for "spider monkey for sale in Pittsburgh" every day, which really just makes me want to breed them. I'm sure I could make more money off of selling monkeys than I do ad revenue.

I get a lot of people searching for "new pants". Which I guess I sort of asked for, but come on. Who googles "new pants"?

I also get a lot of hits for "day care stuff", which is equally irritating. Who on earth taught these people how to make up search terms?

Among my biggest traffic-getters -- "the butter wouldn't melt so I put it in the pie" (which is a lyric from Paul McCartney's "Uncle Albert"), Ray Vincent's divorce, Thomas the Tank Engine lyrics, Fanta Girl pr0n0graphy (of which I have none, I just happened to mention "Fanta Girls" and "pr0n" within a couple of days of each other, and a couple of really horrific phrases that stemmed from my blog partner's post on the 8th-grade "turn your head and cough" physical exam.

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