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More pictures, 'cause they're good blog fodder

Last week we went to the museum. If you ask Anna, she'll tell you she went to the Buseum (rhymes with museum). I don't have the heart to correct her. Sort of like Claire's 'ocodiles. They've got the rest of their lives to pronounce things correctly.

They are both in love with dinosaurs, so it was good timing. I promised last fall when the newly improved dinosaur hall opened that we would go eventually when the crowds cleared out. I have to say I was really impressed - the displays were much more impressive than before. I especially liked the ones mounted overhead. Standing under a fossilized pteranodon gives you the distinct impression that it would have liked to eat you had you coexisted. Also, you would not want to park your car under a live one.

I would crop the stranger out of this shot, but then I'd lose "Sharptooth's" head.

This was also Mr. Unreserved's first trip to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. He was suitably impressed, and is all cultured now and stuff.

Anna and Claire visit the Serengeti:

Yesterday I spent the day at a different Carnegie institution, the Science Center. It was business, not officially pleasure, although I had a blast. We were filming for a joint project between the center and my employer. I really enjoy participating in outreach programs - kids in the U.S. need to hear more often that science is fun, relevant to their lives, and not as scary as the general public / media would have them believe.

This weekend we go to Idlewild. I love these little day trips as a family. The girls are just as happy running barefoot in the yard catching lightning bugs, but their parents get tired of swatting mosquitoes and nagging them to put their sandals back on (the kids, not the mosquitoes).

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