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Only six weeks late

We went camping Memorial Day weekend. I finally got around to getting the pictures out of the tiny memory card. I still marvel that so many high res pictures can fit on something the size of a quarter of a saltine. I'm easily amused like that.

Marshmallow roasting was the highlight of the weekend.

As you can see, it's going to take Anna a while to finish toasting hers.
(note the knitting bag on the ground, just to maintain my knitting cred)
I suggested she move it a little closer to the fire, but the fire was "too hot."
She requested Pap-pap get her something wet to put on her head as protection from the fierce heat:

Claire modeled her marshmallow on her nose. Anna hams it up stage right.

Claire is not to be out-hammed.

Awww, how cute!! ...but then I might be a bit predudice along with being "chopped liver"

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