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This is the song that doesn't end. . .

I had a cushy summer job when I was in high school. My baby brother is nine years and two days my junior, so I got to practice being a stay at home mom. Or a nanny. Paint it however you like, I got to sleep on the job as long as my brother was asleep. I quickly figured out that I could con an extra 30 minutes of shut-eye out of him if we watched "Lamb Chop's Play Along" on PBS every morning. The show was even somewhat entertaining, in a dopey kids show sort of way. I still remember how to make a bunny out of a handkerchief.

I never suspected I'd be watching it with my own offspring fifteen years later. Every once in a while I'm surprised to find myself all grown up.

It amazes me too. It doesn't seem like all that long ago that you were a babe in my arms. Now I can hardly carry your babes in my arms. It's all been good! :)

Love ya!

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