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Ch ch ch changes . . . or not.

Hey! I missed my 3yr blogiversary a couple of weeks ago. I just spent a bit of time looking back at the last three years. I seem to be having trouble coming to terms with the passage of time lately. I just keep marveling at it. Anna loves to rub my nose in this - a favorite tease of hers is, "Mama, I'm growing up! I'm going to be five! And after that I'm going to be SIX! And then I'm going to be. . . um. . . one two three four five six SEVEN! I'm going to be SEVEN!" Then I have to turn on my stern voice and tell her to knock it off. It seems she's been giving her sister ideas, too, what with Claire growing up and all.

Three years ago I didn't even know I'd be in a different house now. Three years ago I was pregnant. Two years ago I was sleep deprived, and took the vacation by which all vacations will be measured. (I don't mean that in a good way) One year ago we were still getting settled in the Big White Money Pit. Unfortunately from the exterior the house looks the same, only minus a busted deck in the back. Inside there has been more progress, but not as much as I'd like. Such is life.

This weekend, like all previous Labor Day weekends, we're going camping. However, instead of joining my extended family in the mountains, we're off as our own little family of four. We need this right now. We've all been so caught up in the business of life that I think we've forgotten to hang around together and enjoy each other. Anna was perturbed to learn she wouldn't be going to Pap-pap's camp this time, but I promised her that she'll have fun and that next time we'll go to Pap-pap's. I'll miss the drunken revelry up there, though.

One thing remains constant year over year: I've got the two cutest girls ever!

We'll (mostly me) will miss you folks in the Mountains too. But, I hope you have a blast wherever you go.

The picture of the girls is just TOO much!!! It made me actually laugh outloud !! They're too cute!! It gave me the "warm fuzzies" from across the country.

Love ya!

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