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Knitting like the wind

I knit "english". I am neither the fastest nor the slowest knitter in the world. My knitting time is, like many working mothers of small people, limited.
For most of the summer I've been forcing myself to plug along on the lace project that will not end. I was happy to see progress on it, but the weeks of having to force myself to pick up the knitting was wearing thin. Don't get me wrong - I love knitting lace. The problem is it doesn't lend itself to working a couple rows here or there. And it's no good for car knitting - the yarn is too slippery.
I hadn't knit any socks since early spring/late winter. It frustrates me to have a finished object that has to wait for the weather to change before I can wear it. When we went away for the weekend I started a pair of socks for Mr. Unreserved. It felt good to be on dpns again. (I especially like the KnitPicks Harmony dpns) This is my second attempt at spousal socks, as the last pair fit me perfectly. Then one went permanently missing. Those were never meant to be my socks and the universe made sure of it.
Socks normally take me a minimum of a month, which is why I was surprised to find myself working the heel flap last night.
Apparently the way to make yourself feel like a fast/productive knitter is to work something tedious for three months.

Hey, fellow Burgh Mom. Just dropping in to say hi -- and that I admire anyone with the patience to knit.

We may just have to get together. I've tried to teach myself to knit but apparently am a knitting idiot. It's beyond my grasp somehow.

And welcome to the Burgh Club! It's always nice to see the ranks grow. I'm having a contest over at my blog if you want to go enter. No purchase required! haha

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