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Low carb epic fail

I've just had one of "those" Sundays. A Sunday where I feel like all I did was feed people. Sometimes this feels like a burden, and sometimes an accomplishment. But they're always Sunday.
Waffles for the girls' breakfast
Cinnamon rolls for a morning treat
French toast and bacon for brunch
Spaghetti and meatballs and salad and homemade focaccia bread and salad
Apple raspberry tart with vanilla bean ice cream
And umpteen mess up the kitchen clean up the kitchen cycles later I am tired.
And full of carbs. Honest, we do like fruits and vegetables around here. But today we were all feeling weary of grilled meats and corn on the cob and hand fruits and all the summer staples we've been subsisting on for months. (I will read this in February and laugh bitterly)
As much as I am raging against the trees that are turning colors too soon, I guess I really am ready to be done with summer. I don't mind fall. I mind what comes after it. And we're still majorly behind on home improvement projects that should be completed before the snow flies.

Wow. We had brunch at Ritter's before Seekers', then herbed & baked chicken thighs/legs, baked potatoes, and steamed fresh veggies.

That said, I'd gladly trade it for a sufficiently large quantity of pastries. Mmm pie. pie pie pie pie pie!

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