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'urricaines 'ardly HEVER 'appen

Stupid hurricane. Power at home is out. Has been out for 19hrs, will probably have to mercilessly prune the refrigerator a mere two days after stocking up on groceries.
Had to come to work wet-headed and uncaffienated. Not lucky enough to be associated with the more local work location which was closed due to outage - double insult. Family and properties are mostly unharmed, bar the odd horizontal tree. I realize I have no room to complain, considering how hard-hit others have been by this and other hurricanes. On the other hand, I thought that "no hurricanes" was one of the few meterological perks of living in Pittsburgh.

Sorry to hear about your power troubles. I was on Plurk last night, working while the storm raged, and one person after another reported the loss of power -- or just stopped posting due to same.

Nonetheless, I'm a teeny-tiny-weensie bit glad it happened, in that it caused you to make that excellent My Fair Lady reference in your post title.

I hope your power is back. This whole thing has SUCKED.

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