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Happy Tuesday, all! Happy for me, because I am not at work. Am posting quickly here because I had the computer on anyway to print out a birth plan for baby #2. Mostly, the birth plan says, "like last time." If I thought it would change anything, I'd also add, "but faster!" Also, I have time to post because all other members of my household, both two and four-legged, are napping.
36 week visit with the midwife is this afternoon, and while I'm at it I plan on clearing a whole host of completely random errands off my list.

Am trying to finish quilt for Peanut's move to the big bed, but keep miscalculating fabric. Grr.
I did manage to make her the world's cutest hat! Pictures forthcoming. Am working on matching mittens. Just added finishing touches, did a final wash, and a final block on the Christmas project, so if I somehow don't make it Christmas Eve, Mom, your present is finished! Finished one of the evil clog socks, am on the toe of the 2nd. Still to do: finish baby#2's coming home outfit. Now that the exam is out of the way, and I only have a week of work left, let the nesting begin! In addition to all my domestic projects I'm wrapping up, the house is due for a serious scrub-down. There are unisex baby clothes and cradle bedding to wash, and there will be cookies to bake. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the next four weeks. (let's just not talk about that whole final exam the week before the baby is due, okay?)

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