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File under: Things I really already knew but still had to learn the hard way

1. Leave hair coloring up to the professionals.
2. If you violate rule #1, leave the fixing up to the professionals.
3. The laws of the universe dictate that if you violate rule #1 and rule #2 in an effort to be frugal, the amount of money you eventually spend when you follow rule #2 will make you wince.
4. Speaking of wincing, if your hairdresses winces when you walk in the door, it's time for a professional fix.
5. The word "spiky" should never refer in any way to my head.
6. The style which one leaves the salon with will in no way resemble the intended style one had in mind and in pictures.
7. People will compliment the new 'do, and you will wonder whether it's not that bad or if they're just being nice (and wincing behind your back).
8. Hair grows out.

Knitting lessons learned the hard way:
The proportions for an adult sweater - sleeve lenth, diameter, neck hole size, are not the same as those for a baby sweater. Fortunately for the intended recipient of "Baby Norgi," I've got a handy big-headed baby hanging around. An attempt to model the sweater on my demo baby confirmed my fear - the neck is too small. Some form of neck-enlarging buttoning system will be necessary. So much for ticking another finished object off the list.

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