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Summer weekend

Yesterday we took the kidletts to Idlewild Park. Both girls had fun - Anna rode lots of (mostly kiddy) rides and discovered the joy of carousels, and Claire loves to people watch. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful. Anna won a plastic beetle at the fish pond, which could be a crummy consolation prize to a "normal" kid, but she's got a huge obsession with bugs at the moment, so it was a hit. She's still got to work on the whole waiting in line concept, but that's to be expected at this age. I continued the corruption of Claire's developing digestive system by slipping her tiny bits of cotton candy, or "candy cotton balls" as Anna has dubbed it. Babies love the sugar.

This morning we had a missionary priest visit our church to make the standard appeal for support. When I heard his country of origin was Nigeria, I couldn't help thinking of Nigerian e-mail scams. "I AM IN POSESSION OF MANY TREASURES IN HEAVEN. UNFORTUNATELY I CAN NOT ACCESS THEM AS I AM FLEEING PERSECUTION. PLEASE SEND ME YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER SO I CAN HAVE THESE BLESSINGS TRANSFERED TO YOUR SPIRITUAL ACCOUNT."

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