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Baby norgi and teething toes

This week I finished the Baby Norgi, buttons and all, and gifted it. I remembered to take a picture before it left, so here it is:

And a close-up of the buttons:

Buttonizing for fat baby heads: I sewed and cut the neckline. Had I the foresight to realize I'd be doing this, I wouldn't have knit the neckline in the round. I opened the shoulder seam back up, and picked up stitches along the shoulder and neckline. I sewed a button placket to the back shoulder with a purl row in the middle for folding. I did the same on the front side, incorporating three vertial buttonholes. (actually six buttonholes on either side of the fold line) I folded them and sewed them such that they overlapped at the sleeve edge. Three wooden buttons finished it off.

I'm not honestly happy with my colorwork on the moose (reindeer?) part. It got a little puckery. (the non-deer portions are nice and smooth) I attribute that to the small circulars I was using and my technique for picking up the non-working yarn to avoid long floats. Will pay better attention next time.


Can someone please explain to me why, although we have many teething toys floating around (shown is a small sampling)
Claire's favorite thing to teethe on is my big toe? She chases me around, trying to gnaw on my feet. (and that first little tooth she cut last week is sharp!)

Incidentally, my girls are the cutest in the world. I'm sorry if you thought yours were. I hate to have to disillusion people like that. Photographic proof included:

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