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A finished object

Just in time for the unseasonable cold snap we're having - it's only in the mid 80's as opposed to the 102degF it was at the beach* - a wool sock!
I had promised to make something for DH and selected a manly sock pattern from "Knitting Vintage Socks." I chose a manly colorway of TrekkingXXL. Last night, I finished sock #1. Want to see a picture?

Notice anything....odd about that picture?
How about this one?

No, DH is not a cross dresser. That's my (poison ivy covered**) foot in said sock. (no, I will not be wearing it with the strappy sandals, but it's tres chic, n'est ce pas?)It's not a very man-sized sock. In fact, it fits me like a glove. DH did manage to try it on and declared it "very snug." He wasn't kidding. Better luck next time!

*Yes, we were at the beach last week. In the record breaking heatwave. "Spent a lot of time in the air conditioning, right?" said the neighbor. Nope. We were in a tent. At a campground with no electricity, so there wasn't so much as a fan to move the stagnant upper 80's air around with at night. It was a character building vacation. Future vacations will be held up to this one in comparison: "Sure, a herd of wild boars came charging through the campsite and ate all our food, but at least it wasn't as hot as that time back in '06!" Perversely, we managed to enjoy ourselves. I guess the old chestnut is true - a bad week at the beach still beats a good week at work.

**I'm extraordinarily sensitive to poison ivy and its relatives (including mangos, but that's another story) so you can imagine my dismay when DH helpfully pointed out that the weed I had just walked through while setting up my camp chair on day one had leaves of three. The swelling blistering and oozing has abated somewhat, so I might be able to get shoes on tomorrow to go to work. Flip-flops are a no-no both for photo ops with the president and when working with hazardous chemicals.

That is a sexy sock right there.

Your first photo is a little pixelated, but the sock itself is spiffy.

Hope the squids were tolerable on the way home, and that the leprosy clears up :-)

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